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“I hope that you enjoy reading about my life and what it is like to be a genuine nudist living in a family-oriented nudist park.  These views and perspectives are my own, and are in no way reflective or to be construed as being those of the owners or staff of Serendipity Park.  I thank you for reading.  I plan to write my Blogs as the mood and opportunities strike me.  So, that would mean that at least for now, I will not be updating on a set schedule.  However, I promise to do my best to bring you content that is regular, concise, and timely.  I would love to hear your feedback.  I hope you find my stories entertaining and that you will come back often.”

—-Gus Doescher


My clothesfree Life: Thoughts while laying out in the springtime sun.

I am going to attempt to describe this, but I’m sorry if this description is lost for you. I’m sitting here. Under my umbrella, soaking up the filtered sun. I’m naked as is my usual custom, as I live in a nudist resort full time. I feel the sun and comforting breezes reaching parts of my body that most folks will never experience. This is not a sexual thing, but it certainly is a sensual thing. I feel at one with the environment around me. I feel comfort within my own skin. I don’t feel shame or embarrassment. I am perfect just as I am. I’m enjoying the sun. The peace of the birds in the trees, the sounds of nature. The far off laughter of children playing. Relaxing, feeling the warmth penetrating my body. I am living in a paradise that many would never understand without experiencing it for themselves, but because of societal norms would never allow themselves to take that chance. I’m not a deviant. There is nothing wrong with me. I am just one of the enlightened few that understand that there is nothing inherently wrong with the human body. Yes, I am nude. Naked. Whatever label you choose to put on it. But, in reality, I am just comfortable with who I am, and not concerned with your hang-ups. I’m not a pervert. I’m a normal person who has come to the realization that nudity is not wrong or sinful or obscene. it is simply the exposure of one’s body to the natural surroundings. I don’t ever want to offend. Nor do I ever want to force my nudity on someone who does not want to see it. But, in my world, within this location, and within my soul…. This is me. With all my imperfections, with all my flaws, with all my honesty and integrity, this is me. At my most basic element. This is me stripped bare of anything that is artificial. This is me with nothing to hide. And, I am liking myself at this level. What you see is what you get. This is as close to getting inside my soul as you can get. So, I hope you can understand just how healing and nurturing being a nudist can be. I am just myself. So, if you will excuse me I will turn over and get some sun on my back. It feels awesome. Love and peace to all.

My Clothesfree Life: A Nudist in Winter……

So I realize that it has been a while since I last posted to my blogspot. In my defense, I’ve been busy. Life has a way of getting in the way. For starters, I’m retired with a bad ticker. And a couple months back I just spent a few weeks in ICU and recovering from a near fatal episode. I’ve been shocked back to life four times now and I tell you it isn’t fun. We’re now considering a pacer and all should be well for a while after that.

But on a humorous note, I have had more than one nurse comment on my all over tan, and the lack of tan lines. It is an opening for me to discuss my nudist living and the nudist resort in which I live. I’ve been freely handing out free passes to the place to virtually anyone I’ve been coming in contact with. I love this place that much. We will see if folks make good on their promise to come for a visit.

So here it is, just after the turn of the new year, in the throws of winter, and I am in a nudist park. This begs the obvious question, “So, what do you do in a nudist park in winter?”. Well, to be quite honest, pretty much everything revolves around being indoors. I mean, come on. We’re nudists, not masochists. Yes, some of us still maintain a nudist lifestyle even at these temperatures. It just involves the judicious use of a thick fleecy bathrobe to get to and from the locations in which to be nude. Inside the clubhouse, it is a toasty 76 degrees F. The hot tub is always 102 degrees F all year round. So it just is a matter of getting to and from my little palace to the clubhouse and back. I’m still just as committed to the nudist lifestyle as ever. I’m just more selective about the elements I expose by body to at this time of year.

Also, this is a time of low census for the park. Aside from the die-hard regulars like myself, not a lot of people are interested in coming to try out hanging around without clothes. It is just too environmentally challenging. They are more apt to try it when the weather is more agreeable. And we get that.

The question still remains “So, what do you do in a nudist park in winter?” For me, I am perfecting my recipe for hot, buttery, homemade Cinnamon Raisin bread, and catching up on my farming on Farmville. (I have a Farmville account on Facebook that has 23 separate farms, and a daily income of over $8 million. I only wish it was REAL money instead of pretend cash.) Both of those activities can be accomplished without clothing in a nice warm place like mine. Here it is after the new year, and other than sheets and towels, I have only had to do one load of laundry since Thanksgiving. Yes, that is how nude I have been.

So to try and answer the question at hand, I would have to say, as a nudist, my nude life goes on just as anyone else does in winter. I bundle up to go out, and I take off the bundle when I come back in. Some of us just take it down a little further than others. And, yes, when you get out of the hot tub, you can run outside, make a naked snow angel and run back inside before the heat wears off. I might try and post a picture of that. Winter at a nudist park is still a nudist park. And we protect ourselves from the elements. And of course there are some idiots amongst us that still run out in the snow naked, as the picture proves.

Anyway. Here is my wishes for you to have a great new year, this 2015. If you haven’t done so already, let me encourage you to check out and consider a nude vacation this year. Plan it now. Come see us at Serendipity Park in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. We have rental cabins and RV sites, and camping areas. I promise you that you will come away with a whole new perspective on life.

Stay warm and stay nude, my friends!

My Clothesfree Life: Living Outside the Mainstream

So, here I am reading all these other stories of folks in their different walks of life. Some are straight, some are gay. I’m a nudist. I think that I live an alternative lifestyle as much or more than gays and lesbians do. I’m certainly misunderstood more than they are. They see themselves as normal fine citizens who happen to love someone who is of the same gender. And…… Why….is….that….wrong? Outside of the mainstream ideal perhaps. But, they are real and genuine. So am I. I’m straight. I am not homosexual or homophobic. But I do live an alternative lifestyle by identifying and openly calling and identifying myself as a nudist. This is something I think I was born to be. There are some folks with nudist tendencies, that prefer a more sexual/sensual existence as a “swinger” or “life-styler”.

I personally, prefer the family-friendly PG-13 rated type of nudist existence. I feel that I have transitioned away from needing to wear clothes, to wondering why we wear them at all, if not for protection from the elements or our direct environment. Why do we wear clothes at all? Why must we be so compulsive about covering our bodies? And, why must so many people label us as weirdoes or deviants just because we don’t buy in to the concept that you have to wear clothes?

Gus in nature

Folks who sexualize simple nudity were probably raised with guilt issues or shame which makes nudity a taboo subject, and therefore, naughty or perverse. That concept is wrong about nudists. I personally enjoy taking myself to my most basic element, my nude self and living like that. Accept me for who I am with all my flaws and imperfections literally laid bare. Don’t judge me by my appearance or the trappings I might hide behind (like clothing). Down to my most basic element, just take me in the skin I was born in. That should be enough. Determine my worth as an individual by the way I conduct myself, by the way I act, or the words I select to speak. Those, my friends are the true windows into my soul. I was born to be a nudist. I am completely nude as I write this.

The next time that you see a person who lives their life outside the mainstream, ask yourself, “Are THEY the new normal?” Don’t think the worst of me because I’m unclothed. Think the best about me because I no longer hide behind them and see me for the real person I am. Love. Peace. Nudity. Thanks for reading.

My Clothesfree Life: Just A Typical Day

I know that I am starting in the middle. Many of you who know me, already know that I am a nudist, living in a nudist park. No surprise there. I am a self-avowed proponent and advocate of clothesfree living. I practice what I preach. I live totally and completely nude (except for a sun hat, sun glasses on occasion, and flip flop sandals, and of course a smile).     Here, in Serendipity Nudist Park, just outside Cleveland, Georgia, USA,  [ http://www.serendipitywebsite.wordpress.com ],  I am free to be the real and genuine me. This gate arrowis about what it is like to live in my world. You will undoubtedly read this and ask yourself what is so sordid and nasty about this? Where is the drama? Where is the sex? Surely, it isn’t so simple, plain, and ordinary. The truth of the matter, is that it is painfully plain and ordinary. Except for the fact that we are not wearing any clothes. We go about our day the same as millions of other people. We just do it naked and unashamed. The only different and unique quality about us is our sense of community (which will be an entire blog entry of its own later) and our total acceptance of our unique differences, flaws and all (another upcoming blog entry), and the peace and relaxation that one can have in their soul when they learn to love and accept themselves (probably another entry).
Folks might ask, “But how can this be? How do you go to the doctor? How do you get your groceries? How can you live clothesfree all the time?” The answer is simple. I never said that I threw all my clothes away and I have none to put on. There are times when I have to leave the 80-acre property for things like groceries and appointments. It happens. When it does, I begrudgingly will dress to get the deeds done. But I assure you that within minutes (sometimes within seconds) of returning home, the clothes are coming off and I am nude once again. No, for practical reasons, I am not nude 100% of the time, but I AM nude a good 99.9% of it. So, sit back and walk with me now as I take you through a typical day for me at Serendipity Park.

A typical day for me is: I wake up after sleeping nude (which, I recommend), and I fix myself something for breakfast. It is usually fruit or something. Strawberries are in season right now and cheap. Later in the season, Georgia is world-famous for its peaches. After breakfast, (I’m still nude), I generally get ready for my day. This pretty much consists of gathering my toiletries and razor and heading out to my golf cart for a short (still nude) ride through the neighborhood to the community clubhouse. I have my own shower in my place, but it is tiny and I like the expanse of the big multi-headed showers down at the clubhouse, where I can shower out in the open, followed by sitting on my towel and air-drying in the rocking chairs outdoors beside the pool complex listening to birds and bugs and nature. It is fairly rural, and the peace is almost meditative. Most days, I’ll make myself a pot of coffee in the clubhouse coffee maker, and quietly sip a cup or two while languishing in the relaxing peace and quiet of nature in the North Georgia mountains. Sometimes, there is a morning mist. Sometimes, if it is early, I’ll watch a glorious sunrise. All the while, still nude from yesterday, and probably the day before that as well. It is difficult to express in words alone, just how stress-relieving and relaxing this morning ritual can be. This is a practice that I observe all year round. The only exception is in the deep winter time. I generally take my coffee to the Hot Tub, and soak there in the soothing 103*F water, while I look out at the frost on the grass and sometimes I watch the snow fall. The serenity is the same. Just a different season. I do, however, in winter wear a bathrobe to get from my place to the clubhouse and back because of the cold temps on bare skin. I’m a nudist. But I’m not stupid.
After I do my morning freshening-up, I might go back to my little place on the hill, stopping along the way to chat with the occasional neighbor happening out. Sometimes, I just sit around at the clubhouse rocking and sipping coffee until the folks come to open up the office for the day and prepare to check-in and check-out the park visitors and guests. Sometimes folks will join me, we’ll have a nice chat. Sometimes I’m peacefully alone. Anyway, after my clubhouse time, I enjoy going back to my little place and if it is warm weather, I often take out my laptop computer and go out on my deck and sit in one of my lounge chairs and recline under my market umbrella and read, answer emails, and like today, I’m blogging. (I’m waving at you now. Still nude, of course.) Feeling the gentle breezes whisp across parts of the body that non-nudists never feel, feeling the sense of freedom, the total relaxation, the total lack of stress, no pinching of elastics, no squeezing of garments, it is pure unencumbered comfort.
Mid-morning, I will take another golf cart ride out to the community mailboxes and check my mail. This is another opportunity to see and talk and visit with neighbors or park guests that I might encounter. And interact with others. (and, yes, I’m still nude.)

Lunch time. I might make a light lunch, perhaps a sandwich. If it is the weekend, I will go down to the park’s clubhouse where the Poolside Cafe is open and serving. I can get a variety of cooked-to-order foods and eat my lunch there without having to put on any clothes and leave the park. After lunch, I pick out my favorite lounge chair beside the pool, and I get my big, thick, luxurious cushion off my golf cart, and I spread it on the lounger, position an umbrella to keep the sun off. And I’ll lay out relaxing with a nice cold beverage. If I get too hot, I’ll just rinse off in the outdoor shower and I’ll take a dip in the pool. The pool is solar heated and stays at a comfortable 85*F. (Again. I’ve STILL never put any clothes on.) The feel of the water on bare skin, skinny dipping, no clingy bathing suit, no tugging and pulling to keep the wet garment out of places it shouldn’t go. Absolutely exquisite.
After that, I might catch a nap in the lounger poolside, or maybe I’ll go back up the hill to my little place and get an afternoon nap. Around suppertime, I might grill something on my deck, or get out my wok and make asian food. (Another exception: If I am cooking something that might pop or splatter me with hot oils, I might put on a chef’s apron for the cooking. But it comes back off when the threat is cleared. Again, I’m a nudist. I’m not stupid.)
After supper, (still nude) I will likely jump back on the golf cart and see what is happening down at the clubhouse. It could be movie night, there might be folks playing cards or billiards, kids playing board games, or video games back in the kids play area, folks might be having stimulating conversations about their day or about nothing in general, sometimes over a cold adult beverage or two. The sounds of laughter fill the air. Some may be getting their exercise walking or swimming laps in the pool. The massage lady might be here for an appointment giving a soothing massage up in the gymnasium area. There might be parents teaching their little ones to swim. There might even be a water volleyball game breaking out if there are enough participants present. If it is the weekend, there will be karaoke singing happening, or the perpetual Saturday night dance party. We’re all just as nude as the day we were born. We don’t care. We don’t judge. We don’t compare. We are all just enjoying each others company, unwinding and letting the cares and worries of our lives, work, and world park themselves at the gate along with our clothing. We’re free! We’re home!
After socializing, it is time to return home. I’ll generally come home, plop down in my recliner, pick up my wireless keyboard and check-in with my online friends or check my social media sites. Maybe watch a little TV to relax further (if that is even possible, LOL) until time for bed. I return to my bed to drift off to sleep (nude still), and the cycle is complete and will repeat itself tomorrow. A complete nude day, 24 hours, and I never once felt the need to put on clothing.
See you in the morning. Z_Z_Z_Z_z-z-z-z….

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